6 Easy steps you can take to clear up your license

Suspended License?

6 Easy steps you can take to clear up your license

Has your license been suspended, but you still need to drive to get to work or school?  Do you have family members that you need to run errands for?  Do you have a household that depends on you to be able to drive?  Don’t let having a suspended license stop you from doing these things.  An occupational license may be an option for you.

1.  Pay off your surcharges with the State of Texas if you have any

The state of Texas has surcharges for convictions on certain offenses such as driving while intoxicated, driving while your license is invalid or expired, not having insurance, or having too many points on your license within a certain period.  These surcharges can result in your license being suspended for up to two years after paying the surcharge amount.  There are payment plans available to pay surcharges and in some instances you can even get surcharges reduced if the amount of money you make is within the guidelines for the indigency program set by Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS).  For each conviction of certain driving offenses a surcharge can last for three years.  For more information on surcharges and to see if you have any click here

2.  Resolve any tickets

Our firm can research this for you for a nominal fee.  Don’t let your tickets turn into warrants because you do not think you have the money to resolve them.  Did you know that when you sit tickets out in jail or do community service, this usually results in a guilty conviction on your driving record?  Don’t just plead “guilty” to the offenses before finding out from our office what this conviction will do to your driving record.  Our firm may be able to keep offenses off your driving record and protect you from increased insurance, suspended licenses, and Texas surcharges.

3.  Take care of any outstanding warrants

Warrants for traffic violations can be a reason why your license is suspended.  Sometimes, simply taking care of a warrant on a traffic violation can take your license out of a suspended status.  Our firm can file a surety bond for any warrants you may have regarding traffic violations.  Filing a surety bond with the courts, will lift your warrant(s) usually within 24 hours.  In most instances, the fee for our firm to file a surety bond on your traffic warrants is cheaper than using a bonds bailsman.  With the 2013 Great Texas Warrant Roundup , many citizens are finding themselves inconvenienced and embarrassed by getting arrested for outstanding warrants.  Do not let this be you, call us today!

4.  If your license is still suspended after handling tickets, surcharges, and warrants, maybe you need an occupational license

Occupational licenses are available for people who have suspended licenses if they meet certain criteria determined by the law.  It is possible to get you back on the road again within a week from getting your license suspended.  An occupational license can last for up to two years, and will allow you to drive to work, school, and to run household errands.  You must maintain a driving log and SR-22 insurance while you have an occupational license.  Don’t put yourself at risk by continuing to drive with a suspended license, it will only lead to more surcharges and legal issues.  Call our office, 817-519-8404, to see if your situation qualifies you to get an occupational license.

5.  Secure SR-22 insurance

Contact your insurance provider and find out about getting an SR-22 insurance certificate.  You can have an SR-22 certificate with liability or full coverage insurance.  The cost varies by insurance provider, but in most situations SR-22 coverage can be affordable.

6.  Pay off reinstatement fees with the Texas Department of Public Safety

Prior to making any payments for reinstatement fees make sure that you handle your warrants, tickets, and surcharges.  To find out if you have any reinstatement fees or if your license is suspended, click here.

We can help you navigate through these steps and get you back driving legally on the road.

If your license is suspended, then contact the Law Office of Christina Fox, 817-519-8404, to discuss getting an occupational license.  An occupational license will allow you to drive to work or your trade, perform household duties and errands, or go to attend school.

Contact us today to find out our specials and flat fees regarding occupational licenses.

Disclaimer: This information is not being offered for or intended to be legal advice.  Please contact our firm today to speak with an attorney for legal advice about your specific situation.

What to do when you get a ticket!

Everyone’s been there or may be there at least one time in their life.  You’re driving along when red and blue flashing lights consume your rear view mirror, and BAM you get a ticket.  Did you know the State of Texas can suspend your driver’s license if you accumulate too many tickets, or you fail to address an outstanding ticket. If you fail to pay a traffic ticket and miss a court date, a failure to appear (FTA) warrant may be issued for your arrest. So the question is,” What do you do?” Let’s explore some options you may have:

Option #1: You could choose to ignore the ticket by not paying the fine and hope to avoid being arrested, but this is your WORST OPTION.

THE RESULT: More than likely, you will end up paying the fine plus additional fees, AND you could be denied renewal of your driver’s license.

Option #2: You could plead “guilty” or “no contest” and pay the fine or apply jail time to cover the fine.

THE RESULT: The ticket would be recorded as a conviction on your driving record, AND could result in higher insurance rates, Texas surcharges, or a license suspension.

Option #3: Your BEST OPTION may be to plead “not guilty” and hire legal representation, such as the Law Office of Christina Fox.

THE RESULT: We will not only post a bond to lift the warrant (if applicable), but also look at the current traffic laws and make sure your rights (and driving record) are protect.  You will no longer be subject to arrest, and you will have the opportunity to fight your traffic ticket.

This is how we can help you. Contact our office to hear more about your options, 817.479.0535.  Visit us online www.cfoxlawoffice.com

How Surcharges Are Assessed In Texas



Many people find themselves a part of the surcharge program without any knowledge on how it resulted.  This is intended to explain the surcharge system and how to avoid it.

There are a few ways that a person can become part of the surcharge program.  First, if you are convicted of certain traffic related offenses, you will automatically be placed in the surcharge system.  An example of some of the charges that will cause an automatic surcharge to be assessed is listed below:

Type of Conviction
Per year for 3 years
1st Driving While Intoxicated (DWI) Offense
Texas or out-of state conviction
Subsequent DWI 
Texas or out-of state conviction
DWI with blood alcohol concentration of 0.16 or more
Texas or out-of state conviction
No Insurance $250
Driving While License Invalid
For example: license is canceled, suspended, or revoked
No Driver License
For example: no driver license, expired license, no commercial driver license, or endorsement violations

Other ways of becoming part of the surcharge program are through multiple convictions for moving violations.  For example getting too many speeding ticket convictions over a 3 year period.  This will cause surcharges to be assessed in the amount of $100.00 for the first 6 points assessed and an extra $25.00 for each point thereafter.

If you think you may have a surcharge issue that could be suspending your license we encourage you to visit the Texas DPS website to determine what the status of your license is in.   To do a background check on yourself click here.